Play Therapy


How It Works


Play Therapy helps children make sense of their world, and can enable them to share how they are feeling without the need to use words. It offers them a safe place where they may re-enact or play out traumatic or difficult life experiences in order to make sense of their past and using various resources move on to a much happier state.

The Benefits

As children benefit from being listened to, anger, conflict, anxiety and other strong emotions give way to a new way of being, and improved self-esteem and confidence. This can result in healthier and happier relationships at home and within the wider community with their peers. It can also have an impact on their learning in the classroom as they become more settled, content, and happier within themselves.

Improved Self-Esteem

“He has come such a long way. He is waking up happy, eating properly, enjoying school and had his first sleepover. He is sleeping through the night and is not struggling to go to sleep. His angry outbursts have stopped. He is taking part in activities that he would previously have felt unable to. He is no longer as anxious and making himself sick and is now able to go to school without crying. He has grown in confidence and is able to tell the children if he doesn’t want to do something. He learnt a Scottish poem off by heart and for the first time ever he stood up in class and recited it. He was also voted best reader in class. Another first when he went sledging and loved it!”

Happier & Calmer

“After sessions, he became much calmer, less violent, and angry outbursts reduced from several a day to less than once a week. Less anxious. A lot happier and carefree. Less friction at home. Would previously say “I hate you, I wish you were dead” or “I wish I was dead.” He stopped saying that after coming to play therapy. Also playing with kids in the street again and being invited to playdates It has impacted on the whole family. Fewer arguments. Everyone feels less on edge.”

Healthier Relationships

“He is completing work at school. Won house points and got winner certificate for his efforts. No longer hitting other children and will even approach other children he doesn’t know. Also interacting in social situations much better now. He can play with friends better and will talk through an issue now. Sleep pattern has improved, and I feel more relaxed and calmer at home with the improvements that have been made. Grandparents have also noticed an improvement.”

How I Can Help

For children

Play Therapy Sessions

My initial session is with you the parent or carer of the child. The second session you bring your child and we have a chat and I explain to your child a little about play therapy and what happens.  There is no therapeutic work that first session as I am simply connecting with your child and all children leave wishing the session was longer, but that means they want to come back.

For Parents/Carers

Support and Adivce

I know how difficult and sometimes exhausting it can be trying to get help for your child and I am committed to offer you support as well as your child. Your child is part of a family, and you know your child best, but I will support you and offer some suggestions for you to use at home.