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Yvonne McCorkindale

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My name is Yvonne McCorkindale and I have been working with children in therapy for 17 years now. However, before training as a Play Therapist, I worked in different settings, and within different roles which I believe has given me a broad view of children’s and young people’s needs and issues. Read my story below.

My first role was in residential childcare working with looked after children. During my time in that setting with children who had come through the care system, I felt there was more we could be doing for their emotional and mental well-being. My frustration in the lack of resources and training, is what initially led me to look at training as a therapist.


After 3 years working in residential childcare, I moved on to work for 5 years in a homeless project for young people 16 plus, I then moved area to work in a disadvantaged community in Kilmarnock. Working within the local school and the community I built up relationships with the children, young
people and families there.


After 6 years, I set up a charity within that community to develop the work and we were able to employ 12 staff, including some who were children in the community when I first began there and now were young men and women wanting to make a difference within their community. We were funded by Children in Need, Robertson Trust, Lloyds TSB and many others. We also won the 21st Birthday Award from Lloyds TSB for Kilmarnock and used that funding to set up a befriending project. It was while managing that Project, I applied and was accepted to train as a play therapist supported and encouraged by the management committee of the project. I was the first student ever to be accepted without a first degree due to my experience of working with children and young people.


Due to my varied professional work background, I believe I have drawn from my many experiences, working alongside children, young people and parents/carers. Gaining knowledge and understanding that doesn’t just come from textbooks and training. This has led me to be a reflective as well as an experienced therapist. This background has also enabled me to have gained essential life skills and insights which I have found enhances my work with children and young people.


I am also a mum and a granny so that gives me an added understanding of family and sibling issues and how difficult a parent’s role can be.

For the past 10 years, I have been based in Stirling, [and Falkirk for a number of years] where my referrals have come from: Local Schools, Social Work, Women’s Aid, Kinship Carers, Home Start and Stirling Council.


However, a number of referrals have come through parents simply sharing often at the school gates.

My Way of Working

My initial session is with you the parent or carer of the child. The second session you bring your child and we have a chat and I explain to your child a little about play therapy and what happens. That first session I am only in the playroom about 15 mins with your child and we just play a couple of games. There is no therapeutic work that first session as I am simply connecting with your child and all children leave wishing the session was longer, but that means they want to come back.

The number of sessions depends on the child, but I tend to find 12 sessions can make a difference. However, some children may need more depending on the issues they are working with. I like to commit to 4 sessions to begin with and then we both [parent/carer] and myself make a decision whether to continue. The child also has a say in that.

Working Together


I commit to working not just with your child, but with you as well. Your child is part of a family, and you are the expert on your child, but I will support you and have some tools that may help you at home. I will offer suggestions and there may be homework, but it is all to help your child move on. I am interested in your input and there will be times between the sessions when you and I will meet for feedback and sharing.

My Credentials

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy. I am a full member of the British Association of Play Therapists and work according to the BAPT Code of Ethics. I hold a PVG [Disclosure] and I’m fully insured. I have on-going supervision and attend various trainings appropriate to my work so that I continue to develop and learn and be open to new creative ways of working with children in therapy.



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